A message from our wonderful Sport Therapist, Daniela‍️ . Whether you play tenn…

A message from our wonderful Sport Therapist, Daniela??‍♀️
? Whether you play tennis professionally or recreationally, your shoulder takes a lot of repetitive strain and therefore overuse injuries could develop ☹️. Shoulder stability, optimal mobility and good flexibility are the key to your functional performance ?. Most players seek professional help when already in pain ?. It’s recommended to see a specialist as a preventive measure to reduce the risk of long term loss of play.
What we do to prevent you develop future injury:
?muscle strength assessment and engagement patterns
?joint stability assessment
?range of motion assessment
?muscle imbalance corrective exercise programmes
?flexibility advise
?warm up and cool down routines
?biomechanics assessment
??‍♀️Remember that your body works as a whole and isolated shoulder injuries for example could developed from weakness or stiffness in other joints. Let the specialist assess, correct, advise and strengthen your body so you can enjoy playing your favourite sport without pain?.
Contact or book an appointment via our app ‘Clinic4sport’ if you would like to talk to or see a shoulder specialist.

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