James Brannan
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Sports Psychologist // Hypnotherapist

James is a local professional Hypnotherapist offering Hypnotherapy sessions for:

  • Improved mental performance in sport
  • Development of deep confidence and self belief
  • Feeling more positive and in control
  • Overcoming fears, nerves and anxiety
  • Ending negative habits: stopping smoking, losing weight and other issues (please call to enquire)
Hypnotherapy is a wonderful way of making real changes in your habits, behaviors, feelings and responses because it safely yet effectively works with the way your mind stores patterns of thoughts, beliefs and responses. It gently allows your mind to realize and consider new options and, in a way, ‘program in’ your wanted responses instead of unwanted ones. It is not what it appears to be on those stage shows. You, the client, have complete control and it is a safe and co-operative process.
James offers Ad Hoc sessions at a competitive price. His customers frequently report that they enjoyed the process and felt so at ease. If you have something that you want to change or improve that you’ve identified resides in your mind, then contact James because it’s likely he can help you.
For your FREE consultation with James simply get in touch via our contact us page.