Hartswoods in Chiswick – What a great Tennis Club!

‘Members who were at Hartswood Tennis Club Session on Saturday had the benefit of a free afternoon of sports physio provided by Clinic 4 Sport. Both Samia and Jamie from Clinic4Sport were clearly in demand as many of us, who tend to find that our bodies are not quite as young as we would like […]

Harstswoods Tennis Players here we come!

Hartswoods Tennis Club members play strong tennis and they want to be at their physical best at all times. Clinic4Sport will be now providing treatments to those who need it and trying to keep everyone else injury free…………That’s the plan anyway! 1914-2014 www.hartswoodtennis.co.uk

Going skiing or snowboading this Winter?

Get in shape for snow sports! Clinic4Sport can design specific training programmes to suit your life style with no equipment necessary and taking into consideration your current injuries (if any). For more info just email: samia.clinic@ymail.com

Recommended golf warm up with terabands

Going to play golf ?  Thought this might help you……. Above is an image which will help you think about your swing movements. Based on these, you will need to prepare your body to perform these movements. You can use a theraband to do this and image above will help you get your body for optimal […]