Modestas Adomaitis
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Sports Therapist (BSc Hons) // Massage Therapist // Personal Trainer

Modestas has been involved in multiple sports since he was 9 years old and played badminton, basketball, football, Thai boxing and general fitness but he’s main achievements were gained in football: playing international youth level for Lithuania. Playing a high level of football lead to a an increased number of injuries so he decided to become a Sports Therapist and prevent active people from getting injured and help them to recover if injury had occurred.

His current therapy experience is below:

  • Looking after members at the All England Tennis Club at Wimbledon
  • Working with top 200 tennis players at the AEGON Surbiton Trophy
  • Currently delivering sports therapy services for the Richmond Hockey Teams, The Polytechnic Football Club and  London Rowing Club Youth Rowers in Chiswick
  • Delivered therapeutic care services for the mass participation sporting events such as Cambridgeshire cycling event, London marathon, Bath big half, Brighton marathon, London Triathlon and many more
  • Delivering pitch side injury evaluations
  • Practising sports and deep tissue massage and spine mobilisation techniques
  • Provides sports specific musculoskeletal pain and stiffness release acupuncture treatment
  • Offers Kinesiology Taping services

From Modestas:

‘Knowing that my skills and knowledge has a positive influence on others well-being makes my soul happy’

Modestas is also proud to be a member of  The Society of Sports Therapists

Society of sports therapists

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