Modestas Adomaitis

Supervisor // Sports Therapist (BSc Hons) // Massage Therapist // Personal Trainer

Modestas has been involved in multiple sports since he was 9 years old and played badminton, basketball, football, Thai boxing and general fitness but he’s main achievements were gained in football: playing international youth level for Lithuania. Playing a high level of football lead to a an increased number of injuries so he decided to become a Sports Therapist and prevent active people from getting injured and help them to recover if injury had occurred.

We are proud to have Modestas in our team of therapists, he is not only extremely knowledgeable and helpful but also very proactive and organised individual. It is for this reason that Modestas is our Clinic Supervisor and in charge of Clinic admin duties as well as a Student Placement Supervisor.

Mo’s current therapy experience is below:

  • Looking after members at the All England Tennis Club at Wimbledon
  • Working with top 200 tennis players at the AEGON Surbiton Trophy
  • Currently delivering sports therapy services for the Richmond Hockey Teams, The Polytechnic Football Club and  London Rowing Club Youth Rowers in Chiswick
  • Delivered therapeutic care services for the mass participation sporting events such as Cambridgeshire cycling event, London marathon, Bath big half, Brighton marathon, London Triathlon and many more
  • Delivering pitch side injury evaluations
  • Practising sports and deep tissue massage and spine mobilisation techniques
  • Provides sports specific musculoskeletal pain and stiffness release acupuncture treatment
  • Offers Kinesiology Taping services

‘Knowing that my skills and knowledge has a positive influence on others well-being makes my soul happy’ – MoSociety of sports therapistsModestas is also proud to be a member of  The Society of Sports Therapists