Samia Gomez

Founder // Sports Therapist (BSc Hons) //  Massage Therapist // Biomechanics Coach

Samia is the Clinic4Sport founder and she started providing treatments in the changing rooms of a small tennis club in Chiswick back in 2008. From there she developed an understanding for returning tennis coaches back to play safely and decided to keep on learning and opened a Sports Injury Clinic at Dukes Meadows which is a high performance Tennis Centre in Chiswick. From there she was in contact with not only better standard of tennis but her patients had more demanding needs – this did not matter for Samia: she took the challenge head on and today she is the first Sports Therapist working at All England Lawn & Tennis Club (AELTC) in 150 years of history. On a weekly basis she has to keep ex-Wimbledon champions & Members injury free and every year she is involved with the Wimbledon Championships.

In April 2010, her ‘no problem’ approach took her to travel on tour across 4 different European Countries with a marathon runner who successfully completed 50 consecutive marathons in 50 days.

A passion for Sports Therapy sees Samia putting teams of therapists to provide pre and post care at major mass participation events such as: London MarathonTour de ForceRide 100,The Big Ride for Africa, Oxfam TrailwalkerTour of Cambridgeshire and Rough Runner.

Samia enjoys keeping fit and healthy and believes in leading by example. Snowboarding is her primary sport and having trained for over 10 consecutive winter seasons, gives her an inside knowledge of the demands and injury possibilities within winter sports.

Training specialties:

  • Injury assessment and evaluation to determine whether an athlete or participant can continue safely with the event or activity
  • Design and monitor rehabilitation programmes appropriate to the injury and/or sport and level
  • Rehabilitation of injuries by using manual therapy techniques, apparatus and electrotherapy
  • Joint testing for ease and range of movement, pain and dysfunction
  • Help to mentally and physically preparing players, athletes and participants before a competition and using strapping, taping and massage techniques where necessary
  • Emergency first aid provision in a sport and exercise environment
  • Assessment conduction of the fitness level of players, athletes or participants and advise on exercises prior to an event or fixture
  • Mobilization of joints to alleviate pain
  • Samia can decide whether athletes, players or participants need extra treatments and is able to coordinate referrals to other practitioners
  • Capable of working alone or with coaches, trainers and/or fitness advisers to implement exercise, conditioning, core stability and injury prevention programmes, so that athletes, players or participants reach and maintain peak performance.

Society of sports therapistsSamia is a proud member of the Society of Sports Therapists in the UK.