Armin Taheri
Armin Taheri
Sports Massage Therapist | Sports Rehabilitation Student St Mary’s University

Armin has had an aptitude for sports from a young age, playing for the school football team and still regularly partakes in five-a-side weekly. Alongside this, he has enjoyed weight training since he was a teenager – especially the bodybuilding style of training and has boxed since he was a young boy. He fell in love with the sport because like bodybuilding and weight training it is very disciplined and has a lot of benefits physically and mentally! Whilst doing these sports he decided to study to become a Sports Rehabilitator as he is most interested in being able to rehabilitate athletes and their bodies to get them back to their chosen sport and understanding the science that underpins movement, exercise and sports performance.

  1. What is your favourite meal? My favourite meal is marinated grilled chicken, with steamed veg – broccoli and asparagus with some mixed grain rice.
  2. Tell us an unusual fact about yourself! An unusual fact about me is that I can ride horses, I went on a taster day and thoroughly enjoyed it that much that I booked a months worth of lessons.
  3.  Where is the best place you’ve ever travelled to? The best place I have travelled to is Portugal. I went to both Lisbon the city side and Algarve which is the countryside part of Portugal and it was amazing such a beautiful country, amazing hot weather, breathtaking views and scenery, lovely and nice local people and the best cuisine. I would recommend to all to visit there.


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