Chris Hicks
Chris Hicks
Sports Rehabilitator (MSc Hons) | Dry Needling Acupuncturist | Massage Therapist | Sports First Aider | Athletic Trainer (ATC)

Chris is our Sports Rehabilitation Therapist, with an extensive training background in sports-related injuries and training modalities. Chris is your go-to for sporting injuries with experience as a semi-professional football player in the United States.

Our therapists have extensive experience working with junior tennis players, working closely with players’ coaches and Strength & Conditioning teams to ensure the whole recovery journey is seamless!

Other specialist areas include a wide range of sports including but not limited to; golf, gym based actitivies, football, dance and winter sports. 

QuickFire Questions – Get to know our therapists!

  1. Where is the best place you’ve ever travelled to and why?
    Banff in Canada. A small resort town in the Rocky Mountains surrounded by parkland and home to amazing wildlife, including elks and grizzly bears. It’s the perfect getaway from busy London life and lots of active things to do. The views will match anything you’ve ever seen!
  2. Do you play any sports? 
    I played football pretty much all my life being semi-professional in the UK and then getting a scholarship to play football (soccer) in the United States. Football gets quite a bad rep these days, but it’s the ability to bring people together, regardless of age, gender, nationality etc., is one of the reasons I enjoy it so much. I’m always thankful for what’s it’s done for me and what it does for others. I have friends all across the globe now, and that all comes back to football.
  3. What is your guilty pleasure?
    Pineapple on pizza…. I have to try and keep it fairly low key in conversation as it’s a highly controversial topic! But a slice of Hawaiian pizza really hits the spot.

Chris’ treatments have Health Insurance provider status and are recognized by Healthshield.

He is a proud member of the British Association of Sport
Rehabilitators in the UK


Thank so much Chris & Samia! My back was stiffer than an ironing board, Chris took the care to look into my. Issues from a mid to long term perspective. Through various conversations he found an stretching routine that fitted my busy life styles and my home environment. As my back and shoulders got better, he also prepared a routine to increase my muscle strength so the issues don’t come back. He made sure that I enjoyed all routines so I’ll keep them up long term. And I have! I still feel great! I live in Manchester, and all this was done online! I have since visited the absolutely lovely Lensbury Resort. What a treat! Well worth the 4h trip!!
Fantastic service and great staff. I had damaged knee ligaments and the team helped me recover so quickly with a fantastic program & rehab.
Conor Falvey
Thanks to you guys, Max was able to run this afternoon in the Middlesex indoor champs. He won gold and ran a 2.10 (a sec off his PB). Considering he was 8 seconds ahead of the silver medalist tells me he can run a little faster and considering this was his first race in 5 months, he was really happy. So, from Max and I, thank you all for all the support, help and counselling. He couldn’t have done it without you guys! Thank you.
Seb and Max Bishop
Great service from Chris Hicks! Got me back Ski instructing within 8 weeks! I visited late November 2019 with what I thought was a sprained muscle. But Chris identified that I had a torn meniscus. They referred me for an MRI, which confirmed a bucket handle tear. I managed to get seen by a surgeon and Chris looked after my physio recovery for the subsequent 8 weeks. I really enjoyed the program and could feel the progress I made each week. Chris provided a fun and effective service. Best part was I got back on my skis after 8 weeks of hard work!
Jonathan Forbes (Ski Instructor)
Thank you for the great service once again!
Daniela Harvey (Junior tennis player)
I do not need treatment this evening, thank you. I played a full 90 minutes on Saturday and my calf felt great. Please can you send on my thanks to Chris for all his help in getting me back to full fitness. Thanks
Conor (Football Player)
If you are a recreational player and if you are anything like me - cutting corners during warm up and cool down - chances are sooner rather than later you will find yourself looking for a physio. My truant ways lead me to the hands of the awesome physio's at Clinic4Sport - Daniela and Chris. They were empathetic to my situation and helped me recover from a shoulder issue on one occasion and an Achilles tendon injury on another. They know their stuff, know what got me there and how to get me out of that situation. Daniela helped me heal quicker through acupuncture techniques (those long needles may look scary, but go past that and those things help more than those hurt). While I got a list of do's and don'ts on paper, these days Clinic4Sport has a shiny new app for Android and iOS that contains short videos of exercises should you feel the need to refer to something while doing those rehab exercises. All in all, it is a good place with knowledgeable people who understand sports and want to get you back to your sport as soon as possible.
Vasu Mishra