Harshitha Bhaskaracharya
Physiotherapist BSc (Hons) | Sports Medicine Exercise and Science MSc (Hons)

Harshitha is a self-driven person who qualified in Bachelors of Physiotherapy from India.

Being a person who always loved sports, she flew down to the UK to pursue her dream course Sports medicine from University of Glasgow, Scotland. 


Harshitha is a passionate Physio and a team player. She loves challenges and believes in constant learning. Besides professional life she has done professional singing back in India, enjoys cycling and likes reading books. 


What is your favourite food?

Favourite food is Vegetable Biryani. The place I come from is known for it, Hyderabad, India. Would you believe if I say there are more than 26 types of Biryani? Right amount of spices with lots of veggies with a hint of mint and basmati rice makes it perfect. 


Unusual Fact about me:

I have actually managed to live two professional lives for 5 years. I have performed as a singer while I was in college full time.


Best place you have ever been? 

The best place I’ve ever been is to so close to paradise, God’s own country, Scotland. I consider myself very lucky to be there for a year.


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