Louise Symington
Louise Symington
Registered Dietitian (MSc Hons)

Louise is a Registered Dietitian with over 20 years of clinical experience ranging from acute NHS wards to private weight management clinics in the Harley Street area.

She knows that good nutrition is the cornerstone of health, but she also understands that changing eating habits can be difficult. This is why she ensures her advice fits in with clients lifestyle and food preferences. She helps people foster a healthy relationship with food, which means they can make long-term and sustainable changes. She is qualified to advise on a wide range of conditions, including weight management, bone/joint health and diabetes.

Louise is excited to be closely working with Clinic4Sport to help clients optimise their nutrition and promote recovery. She offers tailored treatment packages based on individuals’ needs.

When choosing your therapist, please bear in mind that ‘Dietitians’ are the only statutorily recognised nutrition professionals and hold the only legally recognised graduate qualifications in nutrition and dietetics. You can therefore be assured her advice is impartial, evidence-based and reliable. As a Dietitian, she is recognised by the medical profession and therefore, she is in a position to liaise and /or write to your GP if this is required.


weight management

bone/joint health


cardiovascular health

gut health and irritable bowel syndrome (including FODMAP diets)

recovery from sports injuries or operations

Please contact Clinic4Sport for further details if you would like a FREE 15-minute exploratory phone call to see how Louise can help you.