Omkr Samant
Bachelor of Physiotherapy / MSc in Sport & Exercise Medicine / Sports Massage Therapist / Sports First Aider Emergency Medical First Aid Awarded by England Football Learning / Physiotherapist for the London Marathon in 2023

Hey there, I’m Omkr Samant, a Physiotherapist dedicated to blending my passion for sports with the art and science of physiotherapy. My journey began in 2015 when I embarked on a Bachelor’s in Physiotherapy at the Pravara Institute of Medical Sciences, India. Following my graduation, I immersed myself in the dynamic world of sports medicine and musculoskeletal care, gaining valuable experience at a private MSK clinic.

In pursuit of enhancing my knowledge and skills, I pursued a Master’s degree in Sports and Exercise Medicine at Leeds Beckett University in 2021. Alongside academic endeavours, I am proudly registered with The Health and Care Professions Council and Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, ensuring a commitment to excellence in practice.

My journey as a Physiotherapist has been rich with diverse experiences. I had the honour of serving as a Physiotherapist for the London Marathon in 2023, an electrifying event that challenged and enriched my understanding of athletes’ needs and performance optimization.

1. Where is the best place you ever travelled to?

When it comes to travel, Cambridge holds a special place in my heart. Its charm, history, and vibrant atmosphere made it a memorable experience.

2. What are your sports?

In sports, my heart lies in football, cricket, swimming, and chess. I’ve additionally participated in university football. I am also a District Level Medallist in Swimming and Chess.

They’ve not only been hobbies but avenues through which I’ve learned the value of discipline, resilience, and strategy. My involvement in these sports has not only shaped my interests but has also deepened my understanding of athletes’ unique requirements.

3. What made you choose to become a physiotherapist?

What inspired me to venture into physiotherapy? Well, my fascination with the intersection of sports and physiotherapy ignited the desire to play a role in enhancing athletes’ performance, preventing injuries, and aiding in their rehabilitation journeys. It’s an incredible field where science meets athleticism, and I’m dedicated to optimizing each individual’s potential. I’m thrilled to bring my expertise and passion and contribute to the success stories of athletes and sports enthusiasts.


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