Founder | Sports Therapist (BSc Hons) | Massage Therapist | Biomechanics Coach

The founder of the magic here at Clinic4sport!. Samia’s treatment experience is vast and she is highly regarded by our clients and practitioners. With a background in Winter Sports and Tennis, Samia’s knowledge will ensure you are fully supported and your treatment is tailored to your needs. Repeatedly requested at both Wimbledon and Surbiton Trophy Samia’s talent speaks for itself. When she isn’t running a business, or treating clients, Samia is chasing the snow in Europe finding the best snowboarding spots!

Dear Samia, I’m please to inform you that I won the championship for Hartswood HC tournament and runner up for The Park Club championships! I wanted to inform you both results at once so I’m sorry that I couldn’t express my gratitude to you earlier! My shoulder is currently doing very well and last time I played against boys I could literally serve like before! You are an amazing physio!! I will see you again before my big match in Aug! Many many thank you and big big hugs❤️

Shoko xxx

Quick Fire Questions – Get to know our therapists!

  1. Where is the best place you ever travelled?
    Best place I’ve ever traveled is the Amazon Jungle in Colombia. I stayed there for a month with just the basics & I loved it as we had to catch our own food every day, no electricity neither TV or internet and every day we had to survive around lots of different animals you don’t get to see very often!
  2. What are your sports?
    Love playing sports such as Tennis, Downhill Mountain biking and Skateboarding but my favorite sport is Snowboarding. I spent 10 consecutive winter seasons on snow training on Half Pipe & Slope-Style modalities.
  3. What made you choose to become a Health Professional?
    I sprained my ankle in the middle of the Winter season in Austria and Sports Physio there fixed me in 3 weeks and I was eternally grateful for his help so decided to stop winter seasons and came back to London to Study Sports Therapy at University. I haven’t looked back and I love looking after people!

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She is a proud member of the Society of Sports Therapists in the UK.


Hi Samia, I played 90 minutes footie on Saturday (we had no subs), no problem during or after, very enjoyable game too, thanks for your help (again)
Thanks to Samia for getting me back walking let alone being able to play on beautiful grass courts! This is not the first time that Samia has made it possible for me to compete and I really appreciate the work she does and advice I get in order to enable me to still compete for GB in my age group! Thank you Samia
Siobhan Nicholson
Samia quickly diagnosed a very painful muscle spasm in my back and eased it effectively with massage, acupuncture, supportive strapping and prescriptive stretches. She was very informative and professional.
Antonia Sterck
Samia – Thanks for the treatment today. You gave me such a pummelling that this afternoon I went to sleep on the wooden floor of our shed for an hour. No cushions, nothing. Lovely!