Samia Gomez
Founder | Sports Therapist (BSc Hons) MMST | Sports Injury Rehabilitation | Advance Manipulation Therapist | Dry Needling Acupuncturist | Footscan & Orthotics specialist | Biomechanics Coach | Sports First Aider

The founder of the magic here at Clinic4sport! Samia’s treatment experience is vast and she is highly regarded by our clients and practitioners. With a background in Winter Sports and Tennis, Samia’s knowledge will ensure you are fully supported and your treatment is tailored to your needs. Repeatedly requested at major Tennis Tournaments such as Nottingham, Eastbourne, Wimbledon Championships and Surbiton Trophy, Samia’s talent speaks for itself. When she isn’t running a business, or treating clients, Samia is chasing the snow in Europe finding the best snowboarding spots!

Samia’s best quality can be defined as understanding her patient’s approach to injury. She places herself on the same goals as her patients and gets fully involved with their recovery. Samia not only treats injuries but ensures her patients stay injury free. With a background in Sport she understand how important physical exercise is for all of our patients and encourages everyone to have a fit healthy life style.

When Samia is not in the treatment room fixing bodies, she is organizing therapy for Multi-mass participation events such as London Marathon, Brighton Marathon, London Triathlon, Blenheim Triathlon and many more!. You can also find her attending to injuries at Rugby & Football Teams in the area, & more recently looking after Elite Gymnasts in Richmond who are currently representing Great Britain in Acrobatic Gymnastics.

‘Sports Therapy is my passion and I want to show how much we can help others with our skills, my goal is to inspire others and encourage patients to live a healthy sporty life”

Furthermore,  her extensive experience working closely with coaches, Strength & Conditioning teams as well as Mental Health Officers makes the player’s recovery journey seamless!

Other specialist areas include a wide range of sports including but not limited to; golf, gym based activities, football, dance and winter sports.

Quick Fire Questions – Get to know our therapists!

  1. Where is the best place you ever travelled to?
    Best place I’ve ever travelled to is the Amazon Jungle in Colombia. I stayed there for a month with just the basics & I loved it as we had to catch our own food every day, no electricity neither TV nor internet and every day we had to survive around lots of different animals you don’t get to see very often!
  2. What are your sports?
    Love playing sports such as Tennis, Downhill Mountain biking and Skateboarding but my favourite sport is Snowboarding. I spent 10 consecutive winter seasons on snow training on Half Pipe & Slope-Style modalities.
  3. What made you choose to become a Sports Therapist?
    I sprained my ankle in the middle of the Winter season in Austria and Sports Physio there fixed me in 3 weeks and I was eternally grateful for his help so decided to stop winter seasons and came back to London to Study Sports Therapy at University. I haven’t looked back and I love looking after people!

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Samia is a proud member of the Society of Sports Therapists in the UK.


Thank you for my rehab over the last few weeks Samia! Yesterday proved all was going well! 2 tries and a 3rd try disallowed! A couple of good collisions and tackles, and I was fine getting up off the floor.
Ed (Rugby Player)
Thank you thank you thank you! Last night and this morning my back was totally pain free for the first time in years!!!! I've just had the best PT session with Jack my PT. I'm slightly in shock! Thank you to you and your magic hands! xx
Alison Dyer
Hi Samia, Just a quick note to say my back is feeling much better now, I have not had any pain for a number of weeks now and I am able to do a lot more exercise, which is wonderful. So no news is good news. Thanks a lot for your very effective help with this! Best, Claude
Claude Scmitt
Hi Samia, I hope you are well. I just wanted to say a massive thank you to you, Simon and the team for your help on London Marathon Day. We had so many positive comments about how slick the massage process was and how friendly all of the team were on the day, the fact that they clapped every runner as they came in was just lovely. Also, of course they provided a brilliant service as well 😊 Scarlett O’Shea (she/her) Sports Executive Cancer Research UK
Scarlet - Cancer Research UK Sports Executive
Phenomenal. The team have managed to get on top of my 20yr occupational back pain. It has made me younger fitter and happier. This is after having seen numerous other clinicians over the years. They managed my acute situation, but critically provided a maintenance programme to keep me stable. Thank You!
Ronit Patel
I've taken my 10 year old daughter there to examine her foot after years of neglect by the GP & NHS. The effort that the physio team put into getting to the bottom of the issue is truly remarkable. No money can buy the kindness and empathy you receive and of course it's coupled with professionalism. We've just been once and travelled from afar but already confident that their service standards is far superior to anything we've seen. Highly recommended.
Hamid Kabir
Top class clinic. Samia is exceptional and has a great team. I would very strongly recommend her to anyone. Her approach and results are outstanding, and they come from her deep knowledge of the body, her consolidated experience in sports injuries treatment and prevention, and great manual skills. She has treated me for a serious shoulder injury and knee injury. She always knows what type of treatment is right on the very day, mixing different techniques in a highly effective way. This is complemented by carefully prepared rehab routines for home. Highly remarkable level of professionalism and dedication to patients.
Francesca di Pasquantonio (Tennis player)
Samia is an amazing sports physiotherapist and has helped me on numerous occasions with various tennis related injuries. Samia delivers hands on treatment that gives an immediate improvement as well as carefully prescribed exercises. The exercises are always easy to follow and realistic in terms of time available. Samia is utterly dedicated to healing sports injuries and you could not be in better hands.
Sally Brunner (Tennis player)
Samia is, quite simply, brilliant. In early January, I badly fractured my wrist and had to have a metal plate fitted. Following the operation, I could barely move my fingers, couldn’t use a keyboard and had very little movement in my wrist. Samia developed an effective rehabilitation programme, appropriately paced for every step of my recovery. She has helped me to regain complete movement in my wrist and to build up its strength. Amazingly, four months on, I am now cycling again and am back on the tennis court – this just would not have been possible, without Samia’s help. A huge thank you. Pamela Ganedee (Tennis Player/Cyclist & Skier)
Pamela Gandee (Tennis Player/Cyclist & Skier)
Amazing Physio! Samia is an amazing sports physiotherapist and has helped me on numerous occasions with various tennis related injuries. Samia delivers hands on treatment that gives an immediate improvement as well as carefully prescribed exercises. The exercises are always easy to follow and realistic in terms of time available. Samia is utterly dedicated to healing sports injuries and you could not be in better hands.
Sally Brunner (Tennis Player)
I’m very happy with the help from Samia and Chris for getting me back to pain-free skiing following chronic knee damage and rupturing of the related knee sac. Clinic4Sport took care of the diagnosis, treatment and recommendations for long-term rehabilitation. I did the leg strengthening homework and have just returned from a joyous trouble-free week in the Alpes. I’m going back in a week. Long live the Bulgarian single leg squat.
Richard Mindham (Skier)
I have been going to Clinic4Sport for more than 8 years. I usually see Samia Gomez but have also received massage therapy, nutrition advice and exercise advice from several of her colleagues. I have ankle problems, which complicate care, but still try to be as active as possible through cycling, kayaking, walking and skiing. Samia and her colleagues have always been focussed and focussed on whatever problem or niggle has brought me to them. I have always been pleased with the treatment I have received and with the follow-up advice given; I just have to be disciplined about doing my exercises as and when advised - a challenge for a lot of us. My intermittent injuries and niggles have always improved because of going to Clinic4Sport and I am able to be more active than I would be without their attention.
Philip Nelson
Achilles tendon injury Samia works magic. I came to her in significant pain from an injury to my achilles tendon. Over a period of 4 months, she treated me with a mixture of sports massage, acupuncture, exercises and gave me excellent and honest advice about walking, standing and the kind of exercise I could do. Its got me back to the point now when I can walk as far as I like and move without pain. She has given me a really wonderful gift - joy in movement once again. She is a really superb Sports Therapist.
Sarah Eastabrook
Thank so much Chris & Samia! My back was stiffer than an ironing board, Chris took the care to look into my. Issues from a mid to long term perspective. Through various conversations he found an stretching routine that fitted my busy life styles and my home environment. As my back and shoulders got better, he also prepared a routine to increase my muscle strength so the issues don’t come back. He made sure that I enjoyed all routines so I’ll keep them up long term. And I have! I still feel great! I live in Manchester, and all this was done online! I have since visited the absolutely lovely Lensbury Resort. What a treat! Well worth the 4h trip!!
Aissa Sabbagh
Over the years I have been to a large number of physios, some good, some indifferent and sadly many poor. Samia sits on a pedestal as one of the best physios I have been to. Some physios, will tut, suck their teeth and tell you what you should have done and be doing and waste a whole load of time and energy about how I needed to stretch more. If I didn’t help myself, how could they help me, blah, blah, blah! Samia is different, she will ask what the problem is, what you are aiming to achieve and work out a plan of how that can be achieved. Having a family full of medics, I have always read up on the latest treatments for different ailments along with the different treatment strategies. When talking with Samia, she was always fully aware of these, knew them, had experience with them and advised on which she believed would be best, based on my circumstances. When injured 8 days before a half marathon,(hobbling), she fixed me, she gave me a very clear schedule of what was needed, where I needed to be at the end of each day and I completed the race in 1 hr 23 without any pain, pushing as hard as I could. If you are serious about your sport and want someone who really knows what they are doing and will cope with the reality of people working long hours who don’t necessarily do everything they should, go and see Samia!
Richard Barber
I woke up on Thursday morning last week and had excruciating pain in my back, something I'm not used to at all. I had no idea what it was and during the day it got progressively worse so that the pain spread to my neck area. A massage from my partner didn't help and in desperation, I Googled 'physios in Chiswick' and discovered Samia's clinic. I got a late afternoon appointment and she was amazing. She thoroughly checked my health history and spent ages monitoring and manipulating my back. She knew exactly what the problem was and my treatment included acupuncture. I went home slightly sore from the treatment, as I would have expected, but felt so relieved that I'd seen an expert who could help. My recovery was miraculous as far as I'm concerned, the following day I completely forgot I'd even been in so much pain. I had a second treatment three days later and have come away with some useful exercises. I really can't recommend Samia and her lovely team enough.
Frances Pardell
I have worked with Samia and her team for around five years. She and her team have helped me with injuries to my back, knees and elbow. Their professional and caring approach has been invaluable to ensure I can continue playing sport and I would highly recommend Clinic4Sport. Thanks, Samia for all your ongoing help!
Philip Brook (Ex-Chairman of All England Tennis Club)
Hi Samia, I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you for coming over to see me in those first few days of lockdown. I can't tell you how much I appreciate that. I can't even imagine what lockdown would have been like without that visit and treatment..... It took a week or so, but that visit definitely helped get my back on the right track and things have been fine. I have even been doing a bit of decorating! Thanks again Samia. You are a star.
Samia – Thanks for the treatment today. You gave me such a pummelling that this afternoon I went to sleep on the wooden floor of our shed for an hour. No cushions, nothing. Lovely!
Samia quickly diagnosed a very painful muscle spasm in my back and eased it effectively with massage, acupuncture, supportive strapping and prescriptive stretches. She was very informative and professional.
Antonia Sterck
Thanks to Samia for getting me back walking let alone being able to play on beautiful grass courts! This is not the first time that Samia has made it possible for me to compete and I really appreciate the work she does and advice I get in order to enable me to still compete for GB in my age group! Thank you Samia
Siobhan Nicholson
Hi Samia, I played 90 minutes footie on Saturday (we had no subs), no problem during or after, very enjoyable game too, thanks for your help (again)
Dear Samia, I’m please to inform you that I won the championship for Hartswood HC tournament and runner up for The Park Club championships! I wanted to inform you both results at once so I’m sorry that I couldn’t express my gratitude to you earlier! My shoulder is currently doing very well and last time I played against boys I could literally serve like before! You are an amazing physio!! I will see you again before my big match in Aug! Many many thank you and big big hugs