Virali Shah
Physiotherapist BSc (Hons) | Musculoskeletal physiotherapy MSc (Hons) | Sports Massage Therapist | Dry Needing Acupuncturist


I received my Bachelors in physiotherapy at Pravara Institute of Medical Sciences in the year 2020. The idea of rehabilitating people beyond the boundaries of a primary healthcare set up and working with them to gain their complete physical and mental wellbeing, drew me towards pursuing physiotherapy. Following the completion of my graduate program, I worked for about a year and a half in varied healthcare facilities such as private clinics and a multidisciplinary hospital. My interest in managing musculoskeletal conditions in the young and adult population led me to undertake Masters in musculoskeletal physiotherapy at University College London in the year 2023.

Currently, I work as a chartered musculoskeletal physiotherapist, assessing and managing clients with various orthopaedic conditions. I believe in working with the clients in setting their goals and reaching them through various techniques like mobilizations, soft tissue releases, dry needling, taping and individualized exercise programs suitable for them. I feel confident to deliver various types of mobilizations accurately that can help with improving movement and reliving pain which can increase the client’s functional abilities. I am also qualified at providing rehabilitation through aqua aerobics. I enjoy working with enthusiastic patients who are just as keen to work towards our shared goals of recovery.

What are your sports?

I indulge in recreational badminton and swimming. I have previously performed as a sprint runner during my years of schooling. I have recently developed taken up running as I aim to explore all the parks in my neighbourhood!

What is the best place you travelled to?

Well, here in the UK, I have to say Inverness in the Scottish Highlands. Surprisingly, it was the drive from Glasgow to inverness which left me awestruck more than the destination. The town itself is no less pretty with its rich Scottish culture and the loud river flowing through the town amidst all the calmness.


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