Stretch routine after skiing

These simple stretching routine will help you keep your muscles flexible and hopefully injury free whilst skiing in the mountains. Remember do these stretches BEFORE you go apres-skiing ! 🙂 source

Rotator cuff stretch

This stretch is mainly for subscapularis and also affects the teres minor. Stretch can also be performed using a stick or other alternative equipment. While holding … source

Upper trapezius stretch

Perform the stretch within your comfort zone. We advise to hold the stretch for 30 seconds after your training or game. source

Rotator cuff stretch

This stretch is for the supraspinatus muscle. Stretch must be performed pain free and we recommend to hold it for 30 seconds. If during the performance you feel … source

Hamstring & Calf stretch after tennis

Stretching is an essential part of playing tennis. A good stretching routine can help to minimize muscle imbalances, prevent injury, improve your exercise … source

Calf stretch post running

Tight calf muscles can sometimes cause pain and restricted movement when running. Biomechanical problems of the foot or from running style can increase the … source

Post Tennis Wrist Stretch

As injury prevention and to keep you on court for longer, prevent tennis elbow by stretching your forearm AFTER playing tennis. source