Shoulder Strengthening for Tennis Serves

The serve is one of the most important shots in tennis! Strength and flexibility to deliver a first class serve is key! It is important to have enough muscle strength in … source

Junior Tennis Knee Rehab

Very proud of our junior tennis player Laila who is doing excellently with her injury rehab & she is amazing to work with! We can’t wait to see her winning lots of … source

Tennis Wrist Warm-ups

Great wrist warm-ups for all tennis players. Repeat each exercise 10 times before playing whether you’re training or getting ready for a game. source

Tennis warm – ups

If you are playing tennis this winter, make sure you get your muscles and joints ready for this activity. This short warm up routine is sports specific and will help … source

Stretching for gluts after tennis play

Stretching after tennis can prevent injuries and increase your performance on court. We recommend to do this gluts stretch if you suffer from lower back pain or … source

Hamstring & Calf stretch after tennis

Stretching is an essential part of playing tennis. A good stretching routine can help to minimize muscle imbalances, prevent injury, improve your exercise … source

Amazing day yesterday for us therapists at Brighton Marathon yesterday Sunday 9t…

[ad_1] Amazing day yesterday for us therapists at Brighton Marathon yesterday Sunday 9th April. Very hot day for the runners but at least it wasn’t raining or windy??! Special thanks to Modestas Adomaitis, Kornel Pralat, Chloe Bond, Carolyn Logan & Jack Holland who performed excelently on the day![fb_vid autoplay= “true” id=”2244405045784787″] [ad_2] Source

Post Tennis Wrist Stretch

As injury prevention and to keep you on court for longer, prevent tennis elbow by stretching your forearm AFTER playing tennis. source