Working with Cyclists on their way to Paris from Yorkshire!



Clinic4Sport is proud to  have provided treatment and advice to cyclists in Le Tour de Force during July 2014.

Tour de Force which provide amateur cyclists the opportunity to complete stages of Le Tour de France ( Therapists on this expedition had to work in car parks, halls, hotel bedrooms, gardens, by the side of the road getting bitten by mosquitoes and even in semi-dark conditions passed our bed time  to ensure cyclists arrive to the end of each stage injury free. We used over 300 meters of tape and over 6 liters of massage oil to keep these cyclists going!

Because there was so much going on, therapists also worked extra to ensure riders luggage arrived to hotels each night, helped with food stops preparation, and even bought cycling accessories along the route using our pigeon french.

Overall, a great expedition and would like to congratulate all the rides for their amazing achievment and specially Sarah Perry and Phil Deeker who made this possible for all of us! 🙂


Tour de Force photo 4Tour de Force photo 1

Tour de Force photo 3Tour de Force photo 2Tour de Force photo 5