In addition to providing exceptional clinical treatments in South West London, Clinic4Sport is very proud to provide pre/post event care and support. 

We love the fresh air, high energy environments and helping sports individuals, both amateur and professional, achieve their goals no matter how wild and adventurous they may sound! Not to mention the incredible charities we support along the way. 

We look after mass participation events all year round. From marathons, to triathlons and long distance cycling events (see below for a list of the events we currently cover).  

Services that we offer include, but are not limited to: 

  • Injury treatment and advice 
  • Athletic taping  
  • Pre/post soft tissue therapy 
  • Event warm-ups  


We encourage event participants to come and see us before the event if they have any niggling complaints, or if they just want to chat through and concerns or worries they may have. We make it so that anyone and everyone can easily contact us if they have an event that they need therapy for. Come rain or shine! 

Our highly qualified, professional team are all knowledgeable sports individuals and love what they do. Their passion is evident through their consistent hard work and joyous caregiving. 

If you are a company looking to hire our injury and massage event services, please feel free to get in touch as we would love to help: 

For a quote, please email: 

Our door is always open to students and qualified therapists! So if you would like to look after sports individuals at our events, and you think you got what it takes to join our team, we would love to hear from you! 

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Here is a list of the mass-participation events we are providing Sports Therapy/ Massage & Physio to

Brighton Marathon - Brighton

Sunday 12th September

A long-distance running event held annually in Brighton with picturesque scenery.

London Marathon - Westminster

Sunday 3rd October 2021

An internationally popular long-distance running event held in London as part of the World Marathon Majors.

Manchester Marathon - Old Trafford

Sunday 10th October 2021

One of the UK’s premier running events, famous for its fast, flat and friendly route.

Tour of Cambridgeshire - Peterborough

Saturday 6th – Sunday 7th June 2021

A quick, relatively flat cycling race around the stunning landscape of Cambridgeshire.

LTA Surbiton Trophy - Surbiton Racket & Fitness Club

Sunday 30th May – Sunday 6th June 2021

The Surbiton Trophy is a highly regarded men’s and women’s tournament where world class players compete to capture the crown.

Tour of Wessex - Somerset

29th – 31st May 2021

Biggest multi-stage cyclosportive in the UK. 3 days of back to back riding the West country.

Royal Parks Half Marathon - Hyde Park

Sunday 11th April

Takes in some of the capital’s world-famous landmarks on closed roads, and four of London’s eight Royal Parks.