Clinic4Sport has a lot of happy clients and we are proud to share what they have said about us with you!

Here’s a list of some of our patients’ testimonials…

Greg Richmond, Renegades Hockey Team

I would like to say that your physio services on a Saturday before , during and after our vets hockey matches are outstanding. Since hockey is a physically demanding and sometimes a contact sport for players to be able to have your excellent services before the game to prepare and loosen up, during the game to keep any problems to a minimum and the after the game to treat any injuries or physical needs is ideal and very worthwhile.

Shooting Star Chase

Dear Samia and the team at Clinic4Sport,

I wanted to say a massive thank you for your help and support at the Stadium Challenge on Saturday. The massages were welcomed by many of the participants. In total, we had 272 participants scale the steps of Twickenham Stadium and to date have raised £39,500 and counting for Shooting Star Children’s Hospices. For a pilot event we are really pleased. Thank you again for your help and support at this year’s Stadium Challenge.


Samia, many thanks for all your help and service this year. Please pass on our thanks to all of your team for doing a great job and keeping AELTC members happy and mobile!

Scott Margetts

First class team. My treatment has been managed professionally and always with long lasting results which has not happened when I have used other physiotherapists. Recommended.

Paul Richens

During my recovery after an operation I was so grateful to find Clinic4Sport to help me. My therapist was Modestas Adomaitis and he proved to be both knowledgeable, personable and very able navigating me through a period of discomfort while my muscles slowly recovered. He also has a nice sense of humour which helped so much during sessions which were often painful. I would say it’s down to him that I’m now off crutches and walking again. I thank him and the team for their care and expertise. I would heartily recommend Clinic4Sport. Thanks Mo!

Tom Dacre

I have been going here for over 4 years, Daniela has been fantastic. The number of issues she’s helped fix is too long to list and still currently helps relieve pain with a long standing back injury allowing me to play social rugby. Something a few years ago I’d given up on. Can’t recommend Clinic 4 Sport enough, a friendly and professional service all round.

Karen Peffer

I am delighted to give you the fantastic news that our 2018 London Marathon Team has raised a magnificent £221,653! This is an incredible achievement and will make a significant difference to the support that we offer to the children and their families, who we are privileged to care for. Thank you so much for your tremendous contribution in helping to make this years’ London Marathon such a great success for our charity. We truly valued your therapists’ hard work on the day, as always. They really looked after our runners in a friendly and professional way and helped to make them feel human again! Please pass on our sincere thanks to your team. Your continued support is greatly appreciated. We couldn’t take such good care of our runners without you! With my very best wishes

Natalie, General Manager

Dear Samia, I just wanted to say thank you for the treatment Mo gave me on Friday, whilst I didn’t feel any immediate benefit, after a few hours my terrible headache started to gradually subside and has improved a lot over the last couple of days. My neck stiffness has also improved a bit and whilst stretching released a little which has also helped – what a relief! Greatly appreciated – thank you.

Karen Piefer, Challenge Event Fundraiser for Star Shooting Chase

Hi Samia, I am delighted to give you the fantastic news that our 2017 London Marathon Team has raised a phenomenal £244,521! This is by far the highest amount that we have previously raised in any year, through the Marathon and will make a significant difference to our care service. Thank you so much to you, Kornel and Modestas, for the part that you played in making the 2017 London Marathon such a successful event for Shooting Star Chase. We truly value the time and energy that you all gave to our runners, when they arrived at Central Hall. Your friendly and helpful approach is always welcomed by the runners. We feel that it is so important for us to be able to offer a post-race massage to our team, as part of our duty of care to them. We simply could not do this without you! Your continued support is hugely appreciated and we look forward to working with you again soon! With my very best wishes.

Dominic Moniz, Fundraising Events Manager for Diabetes UK

Hi Samia, A massive thank you to your team for their help on the day, they were an absolute delight. Professional, helpful, enthusiastic and great company for our cyclists. Our riders have commented on how much they enjoyed their massages so it was a complete success. Thank you for coming down early in the day, it was nice to meet you properly and I’m sure we’ll work again soon. I’ll be recommending Clinic4Sport whenever possible. Please pass on my thanks to Modestas, Kornel and Carolyn.

Alex Cowper-Smith

Samia and her team have been brilliant and fantastic support. I went through a significant operation and they helped support me both before and after. What was really impressive was the full array of services her team provided… physio, Pilates, massage, personal training, foot work to name a few. What was also incredibly helpful was the way in which the team adapted for my needs to be flexible throughout my recovering (which is still ongoing!) They managed to get me back on my feet again and building my confidence. I have only the utmost thanks.

Mariam Bolkvadze (Professional Tennis Player)

Samia is amazing! I’m a professional tennis player and she has been very helpful with my injuries and muscle strengthening!

Tracy Norris, Tour de Force

Hi Samia – thank you for the complimentary massage at Tour of Wessex. It absolutely sorted my neck and shoulders out for my long journey home. Phew!. I’ve just got to ride the Alps now! (gulp).

Charlie Stockport, Dukes Meadows, General Manager

Samia, please thank Daniela from me as had no more headaches since her treatment.

Tristan Marnitz – LOVETennis Junior Player

Hey Samia! Quick update on the shoulder Exercises have been great, no pain at all. I’ve slowly been getting back to tennis, played properly today and yesterday for an hour and a half and there’s also been zero pain. So thanks for fixing me up!?

Nina J. Zhu

I’d highly recommend Clinic4sport to anyone. Samia and Daniela have been treating me for longer than 4 years. They helped me achieve my goals as a professional muay thai fighter. They are experienced, passionate, and they care a lot about their patients.

Matt Zitron

I saw Daniela when I had a lot of pain due to bursitis in my shoulder. She gave me a deep sports massage that was sore, but made a massive improvement. She also took me through exercises and stretches to help the problem improve. I couldn’t recommend her enough. Great service, price and aftercare.

Claire Flynn

Hi Samia! Just wanted to say a huge huge thank you to the Clinic4Sport team and especially to Sergio for all his work the last few weeks. My knee has improved so much and this morning I ran my PB in half marathon in the new Forest virtual event today! 2:02 finish time! Thank you!!

Paul Davies

Hi Samia, could you please thank Daniela for sorting me out last week – I got a PB (second life!) of 55 minutes at the Kew Gardens 10k race. Thanks

Siobhan Nicholson

Thanks to Samia for getting me back walking let alone being able to play on beautiful grass courts! This is not the first time that Samia has made it possible for me to compete and I really appreciate the work she does and advice I get in order to enable me to still compete for GB in my age group! Thank you Samia

Jonathan Forbes (Ski Instructor)

Great service from Chris Hicks! Got me back Ski instructing within 8 weeks! I visited late November 2019 with what I thought was a sprained muscle. But Chris identified that I had a torn meniscus. They referred me for an MRI, which confirmed a bucket handle tear. I managed to get seen by a surgeon and Chris looked after my physio recovery for the subsequent 8 weeks. I really enjoyed the program and could feel the progress I made each week. Chris provided fun and effective service. Best part was I got back on my skis after 8 weeks of hard work!


Hi Samia, Hope you had a nice weekend, I played 90 minutes on Saturday no problems (even got man of the match). Thanks for your help. PS. I promise I’ll retire in the next 10 years 

Kazuyo (Hartswood Tennis Club player)

Very good treatment and exercise after my hip replacement. 10 weeks after the operation I am strong enough to start Tai Chi again. I would highly recommend Clinic4Sport.


I am very satisfied with the service provided by Daniela, She was professional and very knowledgeable and with her treatment she relieve me from lots of pain. I will definitely book another appointment with Daniela as soon as I can. Thank you for your email and I am looking forward to seeing you guys soon!

Conor Flavey (2nd Team Poly FC)

Clinic4Sport were fantastic in my treatment & recovery from a bad ankle injury. Their approach & dedication was first class and I would highly recommend them.

Seb and Max Bishop

Thanks to you guys, Max was able to run this afternoon in the Middlesex indoor champs. He won gold and ran a 2.10 (a sec off his PB). Considering he was 8 seconds ahead of the silver medalist tells me he can run a little faster and considering this was his first race in 5 months, he was really happy. So, from Max and I, thank you all for all the support, help and counselling. He couldn’t have done it without you guys! Thank you.


The home fitness session with Olivia was honestly fantastic. I really enjoyed it and for the first time in a long time I experienced DOMS which was one of the best feelings. I have fully completed the exercises through once and plan to complete another set tomorrow. My shoulder feels so much stronger at the minute and definitely much more stable too. The exercises are really helping me. Thanks


A really good session (with Steve) I learnt a lot about my body as well as after all the stretching we have done to identify the pain my back feels way better ?! Very enjoyable assessment ?


Hi Samia, I’ve been thinking of you over the last weeks. I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you for coming over to see me in those first few days of lock down.  I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that. I can’t even imagine what lockdown would have been like without that visit and treatment…..  It took a week or so, but that visit definitely helped get get my back on the right track and things have been fine.  I have even been doing a bit of decorating! Thanks again Samia. You are a star.


Samia – Thanks for the treatment today. You gave me such a pummelling that this afternoon I went to sleep on the wooden floor of our shed for an hour. No cushions, nothing. Lovely!

Daniela Harvey (Junior Tennis Player)
Thank you for the great service once again!
Jenny Ma (Tennis Player)

Samia and her team at Clinic4Sport were aces, from diagnosis to treatment to aftercare, designing a bespoke rehab programme for me to avoid future injury.  The care and attention were the best I’ve received at any physio clinic.  I felt as if I were treated as a professional athlete and would highly recommend the team.

Antonia Sterck

Samia quickly diagnosed a very painful muscle spasm in my back and eased it effectively with massage, acupuncture, supportive strapping and prescriptive stretches. She was very informative and professional.


Evening Samia. Thank you so much for fitting me in yesterday. Daniela was really good. She fixed me, feeling so much better ! Have a great weekend!


Hi Samia, hope you had a good weekend, I played 90 minutes footie on Saturday (we had no subs) no problem during or after, very enjoyable game too, thanks for your help (again)


Having suffered with back problems for over 13 years, I have always been sceptical about seeking medical help due to my fear of making things worse (previous experience). I came to clinic4sports to seek help with an acute flare up of sciatica and I can not thank them enough. The pain at its worst was so bad that I couldn’t even get out of bed. The techniques utilised helped me get relief from pain that I was suffering with for over 2 weeks. We tried manipulation and acupuncture and although initially I was a bit sore, the true effects of the treatment were felt as promised a few hours after my treatment with Daniela. That together with the light stretching exercises recommended have made a huge difference on a problem that is so physically and mentally draining. She is extremely knowledgeable and professional in her approach and I highly recommend anyone suffering with this debilitating problem to see them. You will not regret it. Thank you guys!

Hugh Gilroy (Football Referee)

Hi Samia & Daniela,

Just wanted to say- thanks so much! The game went well today and no pain at all- either during or after!!

I really appreciate your help, advice and hard work to get me fully fit for it! @daniela thanks for working on me on Friday too and for sharing the exercises too.

Philip Brook (Ex-Chairman of All England Tennis Club)

I have worked with Samia and her team for around five years. She and her team have helped me with injuries to my back, knees and elbow.  Their professional and caring approach has been invaluable to ensure I can continue playing sport and I would highly recommend Clinic4Sport.

Thanks, Samia for all your ongoing help!

Frances Pardell

I woke up on Thursday morning last week and had excruciating pain in my back, something I’m not used to at all. I had no idea what it was and during the day it got progressively worse so that the pain spread to my neck area. A massage from my partner didn’t help and in desperation, I Googled ‘physios in Chiswick’ and discovered Samia’s clinic. I got a late afternoon appointment and she was amazing. She thoroughly checked my health history and spent ages monitoring and manipulating my back. She knew exactly what the problem was and my treatment included acupuncture. I went home slightly sore from the treatment, as I would have expected, but felt so relieved that I’d seen an expert who could help. My recovery was miraculous as far as I’m concerned, the following day I completely forgot I’d even been in so much pain. I had a second treatment three days later and have come away with some useful exercises. I really can’t recommend Samia and her lovely team enough.

Andy Smith

Hi Samia, great to actually meet you yesterday! Hope you had a nice evening. Just a quick one to say Katherine is great, she was very kind and has given me lots of great things to do and think about. She really explains things well which I like, it was a lesson and a physio session at the same time!

Vasu Mishra

If you are a recreational player and if you are anything like me – cutting corners during warm up and cool down – chances are sooner rather than later you will find yourself looking for a physio. My truant ways lead me to the hands of the awesome physio’s at Clinic4Sport – Daniela and Chris. They were empathetic to my situation and helped me recover from a shoulder issue on one occasion and an Achilles tendon injury on another. They know their stuff, know what got me there and how to get me out of that situation. Daniela helped me heal quicker through acupuncture techniques (those long needles may look scary, but go past that and those things help more than those hurt). While I got a list of do’s and don’ts on paper, these days Clinic4Sport has a shiny new app for Android and iOS that contains short videos of exercises should you feel the need to refer to something while doing those rehab exercises. All in all, it is a good place with knowledgeable people who understand sports and want to get you back to your sport as soon as possible.

David Soanes

Imagine your perfect outcome from Injury: in my case, it was a post-op knee free of pain, a stronger base/core, resilience to any repeat and a greater understanding of what not to do. All this was delivered by Samia and team. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and their patience, insight, care and skill meant I had the discipline to put in the work needed. They don’t cut corners; they cut failure. 10/10!

Serge Kremer

I do regular sports, and worse: occasional challenges. I need professionals to patch me up every time I push things a little too far. This is what Samia and her team do for me: Keep me fit (well, they try to at least) during normal times and put all my pieces together again in stressful times. So many thanks to the team for all the great work they’ve done for me over the years!

Richard Barber

Over the years I have been to a large number of physios, some good, some indifferent and sadly many poor. Samia sits on a pedestal as one of the best physios I have been to. Some physios, will tut, suck their teeth and tell you what you should have done and be doing and waste a whole load of time and energy about how I needed to stretch more. If I didn’t help myself, how could they help me, blah, blah, blah!

Samia is different, she will ask what the problem is, what you are aiming to achieve and work out a plan of how that can be achieved.

Having a family full of medics, I have always read up on the latest treatments for different ailments along with the different treatment strategies. When talking with Samia, she was always fully aware of these, knew them, had experience with them and advised on which she believed would be best, based on my circumstances.

When injured 8 days before a half marathon,(hobbling), she fixed me, she gave me a very clear schedule of what was needed, where I needed to be at the end of each day and I completed the race in 1 hr 23 without any pain, pushing as hard as I could.

If you are serious about your sport and want someone who really knows what they are doing and will cope with the reality of people working long hours who don’t necessarily do everything they should, go and see Samia!

Hilary Richards

A very classy location for an extremely classy physio. It’s a pleasure to be treated here.

Conor Falvey

Fantastic service and great staff. I had damaged knee ligaments and the team helped me recover so quickly with a fantastic program & rehab.


The appointment with Robyn was great.  She was very knowledgeable and I was happy with the initial plan she provided me.

Ian Camino
Robyn was great and I felt much better afterwards. I also have some warm up/down  exercises to do now that seem to be working.
Paul Davies
Hi Samia,
Hope you are well.  I thought you would appreciate some positive feedback on Robyn who I saw this morning.  Really nice person, very competent therapist – did some really good work on me and gave me some really good mobility plus dynamic warm-up exercises.
I feel much better prepared for the event on Sunday.
Best wishes
Carolyn Bradley


Could you please pass on to Robyn that I managed the cycle ride cross country and her stretching regime was a huge help.  Don’t think I’d have done it without her advice!

Carolyn Bradley
Hatty Cadman

Philip Did a great job sorting out my legs post marathon – I Felt better really quickly. He did a great job, despite my very vague brief of “everything feels stiff and sore, can you make it better?” Turns out, yes he could!

Michael Fine

Samia has done a great job both treating and rehabbing my injuries. I would recommend her. Michael Fine (Ex Professional Rugby Player)


Susan Aitchison was very thorough with her physical assessment prior to starting the therapy session. She took the time to ask relevant questions about my current physical state. I feel she has shown great care and attention to my own special circumstances. At the time I had muscle pains from performing strenuous exercise and stress tension on my shoulders. Her therapy did wonders and I felt quite relaxed after my session. I couldn’t recommend Susan enough, she’s caring, knowledgeable and friendly.

Lynne Fatah

Daniela is absolutely superb, I always come away complete refreshed and ready for the weeks ahead!

Aissa (Online Appointment)

Thank so much Chris & Samia! My back was stiffer than an ironing board, Chris took the care to look into my. Issues from a mid to long term perspective. Through various conversations he found an stretching routine that fitted my busy life styles and my home environment. As my back and shoulders got better, he also prepared a routine to increase my muscle strength so the issues don’t come back. He made sure that I enjoyed all routines so I’ll keep them up long term. And I have! I still feel great! I live in Manchester, and all this was done online! I have since visited the absolutely lovely Lensbury Resort. What a treat! Well worth the 4h trip!!

Sarah Eastabrook

Achilles tendon injury

Samia works magic. I came to her in significant pain from an injury to my achilles tendon. Over a period of 4 months, she treated me with a mixture of sports massage, acupuncture, exercises and gave me excellent and honest advice about walking, standing and the kind of exercise I could do. Its got me back to the point now when I can walk as far as I like and move without pain. She has given me a really wonderful gift – joy in movement once again. She is a really superb Sports Therapist.

Andrew Gregory

Daniella is a friendly, talented and knowledgeable sports therapist. Working in an industry that has taken its toll on my body for many years I frequent the clinic often and have complete confidence Daniella will put me back together each and every time.

Ian Lucy (Powerlifter)
I’ve been going to Daniela for injury treatment and sports massages over the last few years and she’s always been extremely knowledgeable and helping me train properly, both when healthy or coming back from an injury. 
Szilvia Themistocleou

Daniela is an outstanding physiotherapist. After suffering with pain for well over a year she was able to diagnose the cause of my pain straight away and with excellent massage techniques, needling and exercise suggestions I was back to full strength and pain free in a short space of time. Can not recommend her highly enough.



Brian Hawkes

I have been very impressed with Daniela following Injury treatments. She is very knowledgeable and her analysis is very accurate!

Emilio Gardeta

I have been a regular customer of Clinic4Sport since 2014 every time I’ve needed treatment because of a sports injury. All of their staff have always been very professional, polite and knowledgeable. I have attended both of their facilities (Duke’s Meadows and Roko Health Club) and Daniela and the other physiotherapists working in those locations were fantastic to deal with every time. Would recommend to anyone

Michael Hancock

Easy to book, good facilities and excellent, professional and personalised physiotherapy and advice provided (by Daniela).

Sally Brunner

Olivia is a fantastic trainer. She is super encouraging and positive and keeps the sessions interesting. She is also sensitive to any injuries and adjusts the sessions accordingly. The sessions work really well over zoom or In the gym. I thoroughly recommend her.

Peter Cowley

Daniela helped fix a long term Achilles injury through a combination of massage and acupuncture through a few sessions


Philip Nelson
I have been going to Clinic4Sport for more than 8 years. I usually see Samia Gomez but have also received massage therapy, nutrition advice and exercise advice from several of her colleagues. I have ankle problems, which complicate care, but still try to be as active as possible through cycling, kayaking, walking and skiing. Samia and her colleagues have always been focussed and focussed on whatever problem or niggle has brought me to them. I have always been pleased with the treatment I have received and with the follow-up advice given; I just have to be disciplined about doing my exercises as and when advised – a challenge for a lot of us. My intermittent injuries and niggles have always improved because of going to Clinic4Sport and I am able to be more active than I would be without their attention.
Maiya Thapar

I started Physiotherapy with Daniela in Spring of 2021 for an untreated shoulder injury I got while playing tennis in high school, about six year ago. The last year we’ve been slowly building up my strength and the amount I can play a week from 30 minutes to four hours. It’s been done in such a thought out way and has been totally supported by the rehab exercises she’s given me and the treatments I get once a month. Even though rehabbing my shoulder will be a long journey I feel so grateful for all the help, support and consideration I’ve had. I was nervous to start physio properly on my shoulder, but I am so grateful that I did. Daniela is exceptional at what she does and has been so attuned to what my shoulder needs that I wouldn’t think of going anywhere else.

Richard Mindham (Skier)

I’m very happy with the help from Samia and Chris for getting me back to pain-free skiing following chronic knee damage and rupturing of the related knee sac. Clinic4Sport took care of the diagnosis, treatment and recommendations for long-term rehabilitation. I did the leg strengthening homework and have just returned from a joyous trouble-free week in the Alpes. I’m going back in a week. Long live the Bulgarian single leg squat.

Pam Gandee (Tennis Player/Skier & Cyclist)

Samia is, quite simply, brilliant. In early January, I badly fractured my wrist and had to have a metal plate fitted. Following the operation, I could barely move my fingers, couldn’t use a keyboard and had very little movement in my wrist. Samia developed an effective rehabilitation programme, appropriately paced for every step of my recovery. She has helped me to regain complete movement in my wrist and to build up its strength. Amazingly, four months on, I am now cycling again and am back on the tennis court – this just would not have been possible, without Samia’s help. A huge thank you.

Francesca di Pasquantonio (Tennis player)
Top class clinic. Samia is exceptional and has a great team. I would very strongly recommend her to anyone. Her approach and results are outstanding, and they come from her deep knowledge of the body, her consolidated experience in sports injuries treatment and prevention, and great manual skills. She has treated me for a serious shoulder injury and knee injury. She always knows what type of treatment is right on the very day, mixing different techniques in a highly effective way. This is complemented by carefully prepared rehab routines for home. Highly remarkable level of professionalism and dedication to patients.
Sally Brunner (Tennis player)

Amazing Physio!

Samia is an amazing sports physiotherapist and has helped me on numerous occasions with various tennis related injuries. Samia delivers hands on treatment that gives an immediate improvement as well as carefully prescribed exercises. The exercises are always easy to follow and realistic in terms of time available. Samia is utterly dedicated to healing sports injuries and you could not be in better hands.

Sally Brunner


Claude Schmitt

Hi Samia,

Just a quick note to say my back is feeling much better now, I have not had any pain for a number of weeks now and I am able to do a lot more exercise, which is wonderful. So no news is good news. Thanks a lot for your very effective help with this!


Luxami Kant

TBack Pain hank you Uday for your physio treatment service to me at Clinic4Sport, I had my back pain for which I have been advised to go for Physio treatment, I can say proudly that I have never got such great Physio treatment in my life, the best part I found in Mr Uday is that he correctly identified the key problem and started working on that to treat me, just after 6 session with him, I can say happily that my back pain is almost gone and I feel normal now. Its great work done by Uday to treat me, Thank you so much Uday for your service of Physio treatment.

Thank you Uday!

I overextended my knee and got treated by Uday. Uday has been great and very helpful all throughout the session and with his help my knee got much better. Highly recommended.

Adryanto Pryana

Iain is a credit to your business!


Ian Leonard Clinic4Sport

Many many thanks for sorting this emergency out, really helped no end.

Iain was great, I felt better after his treatment and an really grateful for his recommendation of getting some extra meds prescribed.

I was was on paracetamol and ibuprofen which were not really up to the job, I followed up and got some stronger meds (Naproxen and Diazepam), which are helping no end.

These are making life so much better than before, so please pass on my thanks for Iain`s effective treatment and advice.

Iain is a credit to your business and will be booking a follow up appointment.

Many many thanks again!

David Bailey

Thank you for my rehab over the last few weeks Samia!


Old Haileyburian RFC

Thank you for my rehab over the last few weeks Samia! Yesterday proved all was going well! 2 tries and a 3rd try disallowed! A couple of good collisions and tackles, and I was fine getting up off the floor.

Ed (Rugby Player for Old Haileyburian’s RFC)

Uday was super professional and assertive!

From booking to the know how of the staff, this place is perfect! They fixed my leg and now my wrist.
Samia made it super easy to book and Uday was super professional and assertive.

Thanks again

Jeremy – Tennis player with knee injury
Hi Samia,
Just wanted to drop you a quick line to thank you for putting me in touch with Virali.
After just one session with her, my knee is more flexible than it’s been for months and I’m able to bend it without pain.
I shall commit fully to her rehab exercises and really hope I can be back on court with Jeremy R at some point in the coming months.
Kinga Latoszek – Highly recommend Clinic4Sport

I had my lower back physio session with Uday who thought me specifics of my stretches and lifting without hurting myself.

Now due to my schedule changes I’m continuing upper back with Ahlam and I love it! Thanks to her I increased my daily step count, I introduced new routines. She is amazing specialist she straight away can access what is the problem and provide solutions and such a great relief to the pain I’m suffering… It’s the best choice I ever made.

Everyone put opinions about physiotherapist but we can’t forget about lovely Leo! With him scheduling each visit is easy, any amendments are possible! Leo is class – very informative and always so helpful. Acts immediately which is so rare.

Highly recommend Clinic4Sport