Clinic4Sport offers pitchside medical care to local sports teams across London. We love to be close to the action, working closely alongside our athletes. We are always on hand should injury occur during play. 

Services that we provide include: 

  • Pre-match treatments
  • Sports Specific Warm ups
  • Pitchside first aid
  • Post-match
  • Massage
  • Stretching
  • Cool down routines


Our therapists are trained to provide sport specific warm ups, fitness testing, pre-season screening and injury prevention programmes.  

Current sports that we cover include football, rugby and tennis. Clinic4Sport has been supplying pitchside care to Polytechnic Football Club in West London for several years. We now support Civil Service Football Club since 2018 and as of this year Chiswick Rugby Club; and London Oratory School Rugby since 2021.

If you are team are looking to hire our pitchside services please feel free to get in touch as we would love to help: 

 For a quote, please email: 

 Our door is always open! If you would like to become a therapist and look after sports individuals at our events, and if you think you got what it takes, we would love to hear from you! 

Please email your CV to:  

Rugby Pitchside