Olympic Winter Games

As a sports injury clinic, Clinic4Sport would like to congratulate all athletes who will be competing at The Olympic Winter Games 2018. The first ever Olympic Winter Games were held in 1924 in the Chamonix city of France and ever since, it became the most popular winter sports event in the world.

The desire, dedication, hard work and constantly pursuing the performance heights puts an overwhelming strain on competitors body, as well as an incisive psychological pressure they have to endure in representing the countries they compete for. The combination of two can result in unnecessary and unexpected injuries, hence, we would like to wish all the competitors a lot of luck, stay injury free and enjoy the participation in this fascinating event.

Moreover, not only the elites will be competing and enjoying the perfect conditions for winter sports, but also their supporters and people who likes to spend their leisure time on ice or snow, hence, Clinic4Sport encourages you to ensure that you are at your best physical shape you can possibly be before hitting the slopes or enjoying the ice. Therefore, if you feel like you need some strengthening, or lacking in flexibility and endurance, or have a niggle that had been bothering you for a while and need a rehabilitation program do not hesitate to contact us as we are certain that we will make you feel better and enjoy every moment of your leisure time on ice or snow!

Skiing olympics

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