Helen Phadnis
Registered Dietitian (RD BSc, MSc, PgCert MDBA)

Helen became fascinated in nutrition when rowing at elite level as a junior. She would eat like a horse and never gain weight – this spurred an interest in nutrition, a passion for eating!, and a career in dietetics. Helen is now a Registered Dietitian with over 20 years of clinical experience under her belt. She works with clients on a one to one basis to help them:

  • Become symptom free from IBS
  • Loose excess fat
  • Optimise sporting performance

…and much more! Having worked in a wide variety of clinical areas of hospital dietetics, Helen is trained in diabetes management, bone and joint health, and the low FODMAP diet. Helen has a post graduate qualification in sports nutrition, and is the Sports Nutrition tutor for Brighton University’s sports scholars.

Mindful of the challenges of diet change Helen offers WhatsApp support between consultations for accountability and motivation, as well as the ability for her clients to be able to unpick dietary triggers to gut symptoms at the point in time of a flare up. DNA testing is also available as an important piece of the puzzle in understanding:

  • your own body’s ability to metabolise carbohydrates, protein and fat,
  • your ability to digest dairy and wheat,
  • your vitamin and mineral requirements and your sensitivity to caffeine, alcohol and salt.


Please book in for a free 15min discovery phone call HERE to see how Helen can help you.


For more videos please use the link HERE  including VEGAN nutrition.



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