Tour of Cambridgeshire 2016 requested Clinic4Sport Therapists



The Tour Of Cambridgeshire is unlike any other mass participation event in the UK.

Uniquely the event caters for everyone whether you are an elite racer, an athletic sports rider, a challenge rider, or just out to test yourself in a more leisurely way on your bike, on closed roads, around the stunning Cambridgeshire countryside.

Clinic4Sports therapists were present at the Tour of Cambridgeshire 4th & 5th June 2016 to help riders recover from both challenges available: Chrono and Grand Fondo.

Saturday 4th June- Chrono: 26.55km closed road Chrono

Sunday 5th June – Gran Fondo: 129.07km closed road Gran Fondo

A selective team of therapists were selected for this event and it they all performed excellently – thanks to everyone for really helping riders with their sore muscles!

Clinic4Sport will be back next year, until then happy riding!




Tour of Cambridgeshire