Daniela Cherneva
Daniela Cherneva
Sports and Dance Therapist (Bsc Hons) // Massage Therapist // Pilates Instructor

Daniela is our longest standing member of staff. As our in-house Pilates instructor, Daniela offers dynamic movement-based rehabilitation techniques and is highly regarded in her manual therapy offerings. Daniela has been praised by all our clients, especially older populations, those with a dance/gymnastics background and in recent years Daniela has worked with rugby teams across London. She now has a great love of the sport and continues to support teams such as Rugby FC & London Welsh Rugby FC. Lately, she has been working with junior academy NFL American Football League.

Quick Fire Questions – Get to know our therapists!

  1. What is the best place you have ever visited?  
    Egypt. I was fascinated and amazed by the Ancient Egyptian temples, tombs, pyramids and history. It was nothing I had ever seen before. Sailing down the Nile was really peaceful and beautiful.
  2. Favorite sports?
    I love running and cycling now 🙂
  3. Favorite area of the body to treat?  
    Lower back as it is very common and challenging to treat with multiple predisposing factors.

She is a proud member of the Society of Sports Therapists in the UK.


Having suffered with back problems for over 13 years, I have always been sceptical about seeking medical help due to my fear of making things worse (previous experience). I came to clinic4sports to seek help with an acute flare up of sciatica and I can not thank them enough. The pain at its worst was so bad that I couldn’t even get out of bed. The techniques utilised helped me get relief from pain that I was suffering with for over 2 weeks. We tried manipulation and acupuncture and although initially I was a bit sore, the true effects of the treatment were felt as promised a few hours after my treatment with Daniela. That together with the light stretching exercises recommended have made a huge difference on a problem that is so physically and mentally draining. She is extremely knowledgeable and professional in her approach and I highly recommend anyone suffering with this debilitating problem to see them. You will not regret it. Thank you guys!
I am very satisfied with the service provided by Daniela, She was professional and very knowledgeable and with her treatment she relieve me from lots of pain. I will definitely book another appointment with Daniela as soon as I can. Thank you for your email and I am looking forward to seeing you guys soon!
Hi Samia, could you please thank Daniela for sorting me out last week – I got a PB (second life!) of 55 minutes at the Kew Gardens 10k race. Thanks
Paul Davies
I saw Daniela when I had a lot of pain due to bursitis in my shoulder. She gave me a deep sports massage that was sore, but made a massive improvement. She also took me through exercises and stretches to help the problem improve. I couldn’t recommend her enough. Great service, price and aftercare.
Matt Zitron
Samia, please thank Daniela from me as had no more headaches since her treatment.
Charlie Stockport, Dukes Meadows, General Manager